Web Development Using a Distributed, Concurrent Lisp
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🐲At a Glance

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Clean Abstractions

Functional programming for the web.

Explicit and clean.

It's what Q-bert uses.


Brings you the fault-tolerance and reliability of Erlang/OTP in the beautiful form of Lisp.

Scaling so fireproof even Bard the Bowman can't find any holes in it.

Igneous Creativity

Write web apps like your castle's on fire.

Dragons love it.


Libraries from the LFE community.


The routing library that's always partying.


HTML as S-expressions -- don't you know who this is?


Building crazy LFE tools in support of developer madness.


No SQL? No Problem! Use the crunchy goodness of Redis with LFE.


The conceptual organization of LFE Dragon.

  • The YAWS HTTP Server

    Established, production-ready server

    The Erlang community's rock-solid production web server that rocked the world in 2006 with the now-famous comparison to Apache.

  • URL Router

    No-nonsense dispatching

    Inspired by Clojure's Compojure, LFE Dragon uses the lfest library to provide a similar user experience, providing clean route definitions for all your web apps.

  • Templating

    Build widget libraries with S-expressions

    In the long tradition of manipulating XML/HTML data as S-expressions, the Dragon framework offers maximum flexibility by integrating the Exemplar library.

  • Brains

    Let the developers get their work done

    You know what you're doing. Dragon doesn't want to get in your way. The best asset, the most important component of any system is the thinking bit.

  • Re-think


LFE Dragon is built upon the shoulders of giants. Also their biceps. And really strong backs. And legs like pillars. In fact, no parts of the giants were left out.


The Apache-HTTPD-Smasher


Technology Your Government Denies Exists


Bringing the Best of Swedish Telecom to the Web

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